How your bike will arrive

We do everything we can to make sure your new bike reaches you in factory-fresh condition. That doesn’t mean covering it in bubblewrap and hoping for the best – we make sure that every bike is sent safely, securely and with only minor assembly required at your end before you can climb on board.

How to unbox your bike

Bike manufacturers send us new machines in bits and pieces – far from being ride-ready. And while some bike retailers are happy to just send this box onto you, we get your bike fully assembled and tested by one of our qualified mechanics BEFORE we send it. After all, you’ll be like a kid at Christmas when it arrives and probably won’t want to spend hours piecing it together (that’s even if you’ve got the right tools for the job).

So we’ll fit the forks, wheels, seat-post and other components for you. We’ll also adjust the gears and brakes (bleed disc brakes if necessary) and we’ll true the wheels, pump the tyres, and make sure that everything is tightened. Finally, we’ll turn the handlebars 90 degrees and remove the pedals (if supplied) for even more security during shipping. Only then will we pop it into one of our custom oversize bike boxes ready for collection. Hey presto.

What do I need to do when my bike arrives?

When your bike’s delivered, you’ll need to turn the handlebars around and attach the pedals. But don’t panic – we’ll supply you with full instructions, a multi-tool and a 15mm pedal spanner too. Simply follow the instructions and your bike will be ready to ride in minutes.

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