Evans Cycles supports Cyclists Fighting Cancer

With every in-store purchase you make you have the opportunity to round up the balance of your basket and help people coping with cancer enjoy the ride for themselves. All money donated will go to our charity partner, Cyclists Fighting Cancer. 

CFC enables children and young people living with cancer across the UK to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by giving them new bikes, adapted trikes, tandems, as well as other equipment and support.

What does CFC do?

CFC assists children and young people living with cancer across the UK with their physical fitness, strength, mental wellness and confidence by giving them new bikes, specially adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support. They are passionate about sharing all the benefits of exercise and activity for people living with and beyond cancer.

Exercise has been shown in numerous adult studies to be the single most effective way of improving both physical and mental wellness for people surviving cancer. Cycling as an activity is one of the best forms of exercise based rehabilitation, especially for children, as it provides all these benefits in a low impact, fun, sociable and exciting way.

Taking part in activities with their family once again after what can be years of hospitalisation and upheaval has a considerable positive impact on these young people, and Evans Cycles is extremely proud to have the opportunity to support a cause so close to the heart.

How you can donate

Customers can donate by rounding up their in-store purchases to the nearest pound using Pennies, the digital charity box. Pennies are an independent registered charity that has created a new method for the old habit of dropping a few coins into a charity box on the shop counter. This system makes giving to charity quick, easy and affordable for customers paying by card. There is no commitment to give and Pennies makes sure that all donations are received by the charities named on the virtual tin. More information is available here. Please note that donations to CFC via Pennies cannot be refunded.

For information on how to apply for a bike through CFC call 0300 500 4040 or email info@cyclistsfc.org.uk, for more information go to www.cyclistsfc.org.uk.


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