Suspension Servicing

Calling in the experts 

Working on a suspension unit is no easy feat. In fact it’s a pretty specialist job, which is why we’ve got a purpose-built workshop where we get to grips with forks, shocks and all manner of fiddly suspension components. If you’d like to book your suspension in for a service, just pop into your local store or give them a call. We’ll give you all the details you need, including how to ship your suspension to and from our service HQ. 

What does a suspension service involve?

Who's going to remove your shock or fork? 

Our mechanics will happily remove your suspension unit from your bike. However, if you’re up to the job, you can remove the suspension unit yourself. We recommend using one of the handy guides below as it won’t be the simplest of cycling maintenance tasks (but it’s good to learn new things, right?).

How to remove suspension for servicing.

What happens when you service my forks?

A suspension forks service includes:
• Comprehensive pre-service test
• Cleaning of the unit
• Full strip down
• Inspection of internal parts
• Replacing all seals as necessary
• Re-building with new oil/lubricant
• Re-pressurisation of air forks
• A comprehensive post-service test

If you need any replacement parts, our suspension technicians will contact you and talk over the extra cost of parts and labour BEFORE any work is carried out.
Once the service is complete, your fork will be returned along with a technical report detailing the work undertaken.

What happens when you service my rear suspension?

Our suspension wizards can provide air can services on Manitou, FOX and RockShox air sprung rear shocks. A rear suspension service includes:
• Full strip down, inspection and cleaning of the air canister
• New seal kit fitted
• Shock lubricated
• Re-building of shock
• Re-pressurisation of shock

Once the service is complete, your shock will be returned along with a technical report detailing the work undertaken.

Got a question about suspension servicing?

No fear. Just give your local store a call and they’ll talk you through it.

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